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Sharan Anil

Indian, Born 1991

Sharan is an artist whose personal journey is truly inspiring. 
After being diagnosed with muscular dystrophy at a very young age, Sharan  went through a period of helplessness and despair. But once he discovered Art, there was no looking back . He refused to  let his physical condition stand in the way of his growth as a person and an artist and found ways to create works of beauty , both on canvas and in verse. His positive attitude, resilient spirit and determination are truly awesome.

In his own words, 
" I am an artist who loves to paint nature and wildlife. I love painting horses for their elegance, lions for their bravery, birds for their freedom and flowers for their colour. In my mind, I see myself as a stallion running free even if in reality I am confined to my wheel chair".
His paintings are vibrant and bright, stemming from a colour palette that is free and unbridled , just like his dreams and aspirations.

To learn more about Sharan please click on the link below to view his interview.
Sharan's Interview

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