Sharan Anil

Indian, Born 1991

My name is Sharan Anil, 26 years old. I'm an artist at Mawaheb and I'm a Determined One. I discovered myself as an artist and I changed ; my confidence improved and started advocating for accessibility with the RTA and started giving speeches.

I have a condition called Muscular Dystrophy which causes progressive weakness in all my muscles I use an electric wheelchair.

I have limited mobility in my arms so I'm unable to paint large works of art. To get over this obstacle, I paint using a remote control car on which I have attached a funnel with paint. I control the car with a remote. It's a very unique, fun and enjoyable way to continue to paint and express myself through art. This is my passion playing with colours and controlling the car into the paint which lets my imagination take over. I'm thankful for this opportunity.

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