Meet our Artists

It’s great to get to know our artists in this way, even better to meet them in person in our art studio.

Often, they have time for a short conversation and are happy to explain what they are doing.

I’ve been coming to Mawaheb for many years. Sketching friends and celebrities is one of my favorite things to do.


I’ve been in Dubai for a long time. I like going to Mawaheb. We do ball games which are my favourite.


At Mawaheb I enjoy sketching and painting. My favorite painting is one inspired by the works of Modigliani.


I like to play and to watch football. Liverpool is my favorite football team. I enjoy going out sailing with my friends.


My art is also about love and happiness. At home I enjoy knitting, stitching and making puzzles.


I would describe myself as a “nerdy” artist! That’s because I love everything about gaming, pop culture and anime.


I love Mawaheb because I’m doing lots of art. I like my teachers and friends. My best friend is Kieran.


I love being an art student at Mawaheb, it’s so interesting and fun. I like working in acrylics and painting with colour.


My favourite art activity is splatter painting. My favourite colour is red. My art is bold and colourful.


My favourite colours are pink, purple, yellow and black. I love dancing and eating snacks. I also love my family.


I love being at Mawaheb and it makes me very happy. I enjoy dancing with the teachers and the other students.


I like to paint and have an amazing style. When we play music, I like to touch the music to feel the beat of the music.


At Mawaheb I learn new things: drawing, painting. My favorite color is blue and all different colors.


I like sports and play the piano. I enjoy dancing a lot. I like to play table tennis with Sonya in Mawaheb.


I sparkle – that’s what I do. I love coming to Mawaheb. I love to paint and draw and sculpt, I love my friends at Mawaheb.


I really like superheroes. I feature them in my art too. I have a special collection of hero figures at home.


I’m Emirati and I’m new at Mawaheb. I love camping in the desert with my parents and my sister. We make s’mores.

I’m very active so I enjoy dancing and yoga. I also love animals and I’m drawing them here at Mawaheb.
I’m from France. I’m new at Mawaheb and I’m enjoying making friends and exploring art. I love airplanes and airports.