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ST17 – Nazeer Ali

Nazeer Ali

Canadian, Born 1994

My name is Nazeer Ali. And even though I have autism it does not stop me from being independent and a responsible adult. My favourite form of art is graphic novels. Comics transport me into my own creative world where I stay for hours.

Mawaheb has given me lots of encouragement and confidence not only for my art but also for my academic studies. With their help I have recently completed my secondary certificate.

In summer, 2017 I had an amazing opportunity to go London on my own to train under Trevor Waugh, a famous artist. I feel that I have learned a lot and my oil painting techniques have improved.

For the future, I want to be a full time artist and have my solo exhibition not only painting, also for photography and other forms of art I’ve learned at Mawaheb.

If you believe in yourself, the whole world opens up to you. Anything is possible. There’s no looking back for me. My future is looking bright.


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