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Mawaheb's Team

Our dedicated team members.

Managing Director

My name is Wemmy de Maaker and I’m the founder and Managing Director of Mawaheb. It was my dream to give young adults with special needs a voice, a voice of their own, independent and strong. I wanted their voices […]

Art Teacher

The heart of my job as a mentor and teacher at Mawaheb is to release in our artists the cathartic and positive power of self-expression through art. ‘The Determined Ones’ have a resilience and tenacity that is completely inspiring; while […]

Art Teacher

Throughout my life I have believed in the power of art as a transformative medium, in all its’ many forms, from urban art to sculpture and everything between. For the last 20 years I have been fortunate enough to work […]

Product and Commercial Coordinator

My name is Laura and I am delighted to be the newest addition to the Mawaheb team. Many years ago I came to the Mawaheb studios as a visitor and fell in love with the ethos, the ambience and the […]