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Abdulla Lutfi

Abdulla Lutfi


born on: 1993
lives in: Emirati

My name is Abdulla Lutfi and I am an Emirati artist based in Dubai.

I joined Mawaheb when I was 18, I have always drawn but it wasn’t until I started at the studios that I began to train really hard and to create my art to share with the world. I love being an artist, I love detail and working in black and white. I nearly always use humour in my work – I like to make people smile, and the world can be a funny place.

I am so happy to have exhibited across Dubai both as an independent artist and with The Mawaheb collective. My inspiration is everyday observation, and I hope you enjoy my vision of the world.

To learn more about Abdulla please click on the link below to view his interview.Abdulla’s Interview