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Ali Al Salhi

Ali Al Salhi


born on: 1966
lives in: Iraqui

Hello! I’m Ali, also known as AliBali. I’m 50 plus years old but I’m young at heart. I love to celebrate and dance. I would describe myself as a gentleman because I am all about manners and etiquette. People say I make up for my lack of English with heart felt gestures and expressive eyes!

My art is precise and neat, yet bright and cheerful. My drawings make me happy and proud. I like to sign them in Arabic and English and usually sign “AliOk”.

Mawaheb has helped me a lot in developing my style. I also paint at home while listening to music. My favorite is Classical Arabic like Umm Kalthoum.

To learn more about Ali please click on the link below to view his interview.Ali’s interview