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Laura Lander

Product and Commercial Coordinator

My name is Laura and I am delighted to be the newest addition to the Mawaheb team.

Many years ago I came to the Mawaheb studios as a visitor and fell in love with the ethos, the ambience and the sheer joy of the people. Creativity has been part of my life from making jewellery and drawing as a child, through to my degree in fashion, then onto my fascination with art history, which has taken me on adventures across the world. At Mawaheb, I have found a place to commit all that I believe art can achieve; inclusion, equality and a place to let all voices be heard.

For me, it is about using my passions and skills to spread the message of integration and acceptance of the determined ones through their own work and stories. The stories the students have to tell have deserve the right to be heard.

Mawaheb is such a positive organisation and it is growing from strength to strength. I am delighted to be part of the energy and positivity the exudes on a daily basis.

Our shop in Dubai, tells its own story. Every product is designed and created by our students, and each product we sell has a unique narrative; the journey of our student’s creativity.

It is amazing to wake up in the morning knowing that not only am I doing something I love, but that I am doing it for the talented artists at Mawaheb, to give them a voice, and to help give them a platform to be their true selves, spreading their message and their beautiful art to the wider world.

“The stories the students have to tell, deserve the right to be heard.”