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Verano Field

Verano Field


born on: 1996
lives in: British

I sparkle – that’s what I do, and I come from London. I love coming to Mawaheb. I love to paint and draw and sculpt, I love my friends at Mawaheb.

When I first arrived I was very different. I still love being at the centre of things but Mawaheb has taught me so much more, I now listen and take my time with my art.

I can work with friends in a team and I can be my true self.  I love it when people visit as I can show them around our studio and that makes me proud and excited.

I often travel on the metro on my own – and I do like shopping at Mall of the Emirates! My favorite song is Roar and dancing with my friends is great. Acting and performing is part of who I am – come and see me shine at the studio.  I love art – mosaics and painting are my thing.