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Vinayak Commar

Vinayak Commar


born on: 1993
lives in: Indian

Hello, my name is Vinayak and I’m from Mumbai. A special thing about me is that my birthday is on Christmas day, December 25th. I’m lucky because I always get a double celebration. I am very kind and helpful. I like being there for friends and planning activities like movies and trips.

My favourite art activity is sculptures. I am a very good sculptor. I plan my work carefully; I research an artist for inspiration, then I draw my idea on paper then I start my sculpture. I make a wire frame of the sculpture, and then I wrap it tight in plastic. I mix Plaster of Paris and pour it in the shape. When it sets, I carve it and sand it.

I enjoy photography and hope to be famous photographer one day. I’m always trying to improve myself. I eat healthy, workout at the gym and learn to travel on the metro on my own.

I love being a part of Mawaheb and I’m working hard to make my dreams come true.