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Zaid Jafar

Zaid Jafar


born on: 1983
lives in: Iraqi

Zaid is a gentle, soft spoken young man. From being very shy and reluctant to speak, Zaid has come a long way since joining Mawaheb. He now has no hesitation in speaking in public and expressing his opinions.

Once extremely reserved, he is now friendly and unafraid to show affection. The gentle hugs he gives, unexpectedly and for no reason at all , are heartwarming and comforting. Discovering his artistic side has given Zaid a sense of self worth and pride. In his own words, Mawaheb has given him “a life”…’ I came as a boy, I am a man now”.Zaid’s family is very supportive of him and calls him ” the new Picasso”. He loves to paint and experiment with different styles and themes. He has a strong sense of colour and loves to paint with his fingers.His passion is Japanese anime.

Zaid hopes one day to make a living as a well known artist as he proudly says “My art speaks”.