A Unique Dance Workshop for People of Determination

Apr 7, 2022 | Events

Dubai’s favorite art studio for People of Determination – Mawaheb – will be hosting a unique inclusive creative exploration and dance workshop for teenagers and adults on Saturday, 16th April at 10 am.

Priced at AED 60, the workshop is for People of Determination who are 13 years and older. The workshop will take place at Mawaheb’s new location in Goshi Warehouse Village, Al Quoz 3 – a sun-kissed nonprofit community café and art studio acting as a catalyst for mindful inclusion and integration in the community.

The workshop facilitator is Dubai-raised dancer and inclusive-dance choreographer Ancy Alexander who is differently abled herself. Born with Cerebral Palsy, Alexander has trained in Indian classical dance styles Bharatanatyam and Kathak, Contemporary dance, and Yoga. She received her training in teaching and choreographing inclusive dance in the US.

Based on her personal experience with learning and performing dance as a person with a disability, Alexander started conducting micro-workshops for individuals with special needs titled So, You Think I Can’t Dance? which came to a halt during the pandemic.

Wemmy de Maaker – director of Mawaheb – said: “At Mawaheb, we are keen to have inclusion and integration at front and center. It is encouraging to have a trained dancer with a disability conduct a dance workshop for People of Determination. We want to see more of this in the community here and are delighted to be able to facilitate events like this that are truly inclusive in spirit”.

By hosting this workshop for People of Determination conducted by a Person of Determination, Mawaheb is leading the way as a hub for culture, innovation, and talent committed to mindful integration.
For more information and to register, email: info@mawaheb-dubai.com or kriyability@gmail.com