about mawaheb

Our Vision

To encourage each individual to reach their highest potential through art, aiding in the development of essential life skills.

Our Mission

To break down the boundaries and stigmas associated with People of Determination, bridging the gap between them and society and celebrating individuality.

About Mawaheb

An interview with the Director and teacher of Mawaheb


Building a community for everyone and celebrating diversity.
Supporting individuals and developing their life, communication and social skills through art and mentoring.

Giving People of Determination the same rights as everyone else in the community.

Integrating People of Determination into the society as valuable members.

Promoting the capabilities of each individual and bridging the gap between communities.

Meet the Team

The Mawaheb team brings together experience and creativity to create an inclusive community through art.
Wemmy de Maaker
Clizia Zepparelli
Jenny Hooff


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The core values that bind us

What do we stand for?
We accept and celebrate the individuality of our student artists, team members, volunteers, partners, and visitors.
What are the attributes that we value above all else?
Responsibility and holding ourselves accountable for our goals and objectives.
How will we conduct our activities to achieve our mission and vision?
We provide a positive, safe and creative environment for everyone to grow and develop themselves.
How do we treat members of our own organisation and community?
With transparency and integrity, treating one another with respect and highlighting the importance of accessibility for inclusion.
How do we create a sustainable culture?
Together, we are committed to sustainability by reusing, reducing, recycling, and upcycling.
How will we respect our environment?

We strive to work locally to improve the social and environmental well-being of our community.


An inclusive place for everybody to connect and be inspired.