Mawaheb supports ‘Let Live or Let Die’ by The Giving Movement with nine paintings

May 31, 2022 | Exhibitions

Mawaheb, a Dubai-based, non-profit art studio for people of determination 18 years and above, concluded its participation in ‘Let Live or Let Die’ – a month-long exhibition by The Giving Movement, the region’s first sustainable athleisure brand born in the UAE.

The exhibition was held to commemorate Earth Day by presenting an eco-vision of the world. Mawaheb supported the cause and the exhibition with nine paintings by artists of determination.

The Giving Movement partnered with Mawaheb along with other homegrown talents, such as Gosha Flowers, Poet Salem Al Attas, Bayt Al Mamzar Art Gallery, and Mariam A. Ismail, for this exhibition. It was held in two phases and was hosted at Bayt Al Mamzar gallery in Deira, Dubai.

The first phase, organised from 8 – 24 April, showcased stunning floral arrangements overpowering natural elements. The second phase, taking place from 26 April – 10 May, featured interactive art installations, wherein Mawaheb students exhibited their artworks.

The initiative sought to strengthen community collaboration to do more for society and the world, making sustainability a reality across the globe. Through the ‘Let Live or Let Die’ movement, the collaborating brands worked towards involving everyone to emphasise that education is key, so is speaking out for what one believes in.

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