Meet our artist:

A portrait of our artist Angelina against a purple background - Mawaheb Art Studio for People of Determination

Hello everyone, I am Reem. I am from the beautiful countries of Lebanon and Palestine, and I am 19 years old. I love going to the cinema and cooking. Some of the things I make are pizza, french fries, sushi, and Arabic foods like tabouleh and koosa!

What I love about Mawaheb is painting on big canvases and using different color combinations in my artwork. My favorite color is yellow which I use a lot in my paintings. I love learning new art techniques from my teachers, who I really admire. One of my favorite memories at Mawaheb was when we did a field trip to Kite Beach. I was able to enjoy the beach and take photos of the sand and water!

A group picture of all our artists - Mawaheb Art Studio for People of Determination